Introducing the compact WiFi live streaming device that allows you to listen to live broadcasts of Athaan, Salaah and lectures from many Masajid and Ulema in South
Africa and across the world.

Our Product

The Masjid Cube is a compact device that connects to your home wifi and automatically streams live audio from your selected masjid.

Alhamdulillah we have released the first batch of units to users and have been gathering feedback and making improvements where required. 

You may “Back Order” to join the first come first serve queue by clicking the link below. As soon as we have your unit ready we will send an email to you to finalise payment. Alhamdulillah we have more orders than we can fulfil, we are trying our best to keep to the estimate lead time low, however manufacturing challenges have resulted in extreme delays.


Product Features

Built in WiFi connectivity

WiFi is used to connect to your home network.

1.8" Colour Screen

We have added a 1.8" colour screen which allows clear and descriptive display of essential information.

Rotary Button for easy navigation

A versatile rotary button assists with quick and simple volume and stream adjustment.

Aux Port for external audio device streaming

Need a louder feed? Use the aux connector to connect the device to external speaker.

USB C Powered

Latest USB C port used to power the device.

Powerful 3W Speaker

With its compact design we included a powerful 3W speaker for loud clear audio.

Automatic start and stop playback

The device will start and stop streaming based on audio transmission from the masjid.

Memory Recall of last configuration after power outage

Load shedding? No worries... when power returns the device will return back to the last settings.

How it Works

Plug in the device
Configure WiFi and select Masjid


Compact Cube Design

The cube measures 8cm x 8cm x 8cm which makes it compact and ideal for any location in your home.

The Masjid Cube has been on our To Do list for many years. A challenge faced by many in the community is getting clear broadcast from your Masjid. Unfortunately in many cases the Radio based broadcast option falls short, especially managing audio interference for people staying further away.


The Masjid Cube uses the power of the internet to receive clear audio directly from the masjid and bring it to your home.  

Frequently Ask Questions

The Masjid Cube was designed to work closely with the platform. All streams ***ACTIVE on can be accessed via the Masjid Cube.

***To confirm that your masjid is active, please check the latest recordings on for your masjid. 

To check the latest recordings, go to and select/click on the name of your masjid. This will take you to the masjid profile page. On the profile page you will see "recordings" at the bottom. Play a few to get an idea of what is being broadcasted.

Some of the masaajid have not maintained the Livemasjid transmitter, or may have not setup the transmitter to broadcast both Athaan and Salaah. For these issues you many contact the masjid to rectify accordingly.

Yes, Please make contact with your Masjid committee and request them to contact for a streaming device installation.

The device typically uses around 500MB a month. However this depends on how many minutes of streaming is consumed. In Ramadhaan Taraweeh would usually push the consumption to around 1GB for the month.

We want you to know the benefits as well as the limitations of the unit. The unit works over the internet and as such a WiFi connection is required. It must be noted that due to delays and buffers between source (masjid) and receiver (Masjid Cube) there will be a delay in audio. The delay is dependant on many factors between the masjid's internet, our cloud servers and your internet.  However it could be anywhere between a few seconds up to 30 seconds delayed in transmission.

Another concern is management of the masjid transmitter unit. Livemasjid has in many cases supplied transmitters to masaajid that have not maintained the unit. In these cases, before you make a purchase of the Masjid Cube, please do check the masjid's profile on (by selecting/clicking on the masjid name) and check if the recordings available are current. Alternatively, you can make enquiries with the masjid committee around the status of the transmitter.

No problem at all please access the full guide here:

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We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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